To Submit Your News

Guidelines for Submitting a Press Release


Voice Magazine receives dozens of press releases every week. Unfortunately, we cannot publish all information. However, a few easy guildelines can help ensure that your release gets to the right editor and will increase your chances of publication.


Defining a press release:
A good press release is a brief, complete description of an upcoming event; a timely report of a recent event; or a notification of personnel or important changes within an organization.


What is the preferred format?

General Press Releases - News, Upcoming Events

• Press releases should be short and concise.
• Address who, what, where, why and when in the first two paragraphs.

• Identify the organization or individual sending the release

• Provide a name and phone number (with area code) of someone who can answer questions.

• Date the press release

• Note the event date in bold.

• Send press releases by e-mail to

• If you are sending an attachment ie: doc or pdf -
  also paste text into the body of the email so that content can be seen.


Calendar Items:

When submitting calendar items to


Event Title: two to four words

Description: up to five words

Venue:              Host:         Contact Telephone number:

Day / Date / Time of event:

If you have a great photo, please send it too!


People on the Move:

Please send VOICE Magazine your good news about promotions, changes, new family members, anniversaries, and all important occasions (60 to 80 words only). We’ll do our best to spread the word. (Send a photo too!)
Email info and pictures to